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Miracle Blanket

Sleep? What’s that? Almost all parents of newborns ask that question to themselves daily for a few months at least. Newborns do not have the best ability to calm themselves as they are used to being gently rocked in mom’s womb which is no longer the case when they enter this great big, bright, noisy world!  As most of you may already know, I am a huge believer in the 4 trimester which simply put, is a belief that babies should be treated as if they are still in the womb for 3 months after birth.
One great way to achieve this comforting feeling is to swaddle your baby. Babies are confined to a tiny space for 9 months where they are not able to make spastic movements such as they do when after birth. Babies are not able to control their arm and leg movements for a few months so swaddling eases baby’s movements and gives baby a feeling of security. It is a fact that babies need sleep for good development.  With the Miracle Blanket, getting baby to sleep is easier as you don’t have to hold down flailing arms and legs.

With so many "swaddling blankets" available today, it can be difficult to choose one that you feel comfortable with and that your baby will enjoy. The Miracle Blanket was made with parents and babies in mind. The blanket is thin and flexible making it easy to use and comfortable for baby. The Miracle Blanket is recommended by pediatricians and nurses.

I love the Miracle Blanket. It is simple to use. It is cut with swaddling in mind.. it is not cut like an ordinary blanket. The Miracle Blanket comes to you with instructions and you can find instructions on the website.

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