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My Homedics Shiatsu Pillow – my personal massuse and stress reliever

How would you like to hear that for one low payment of $39.99 a masseuse will visit your home at the snap of your fingers and give you a stress and pain relieving back and neck massage?  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Ever since a car accident 9 years ago I suffer from neck and back cramps and on top of that I have two kids, a business, and a home to take care of which as I’m sure you are aware, can lead to a good amount of stress which leads to painfully tense neck muscles.  My husband isn’t always home to give me a neck rub but I have the next best thing, a Homedics Shiatsu Pillow.

I am enjoying my Homedics Shiatsu Pillow as I write this.  My body is swaying back and forth to the shiatsu motion, my lower back is nice and warm and my muscles are relaxed.  I have an old iJoy massage chair that does the job but I can’t go upstairs and sit in the chair every time I feel tense or when I’m not home obviously.  I can however take my Shiatsu Pillow anywhere and is an amazingly effective alternative to a massage chair or an actual massage.  I am extremely impressed with how strong the shiatsu mechanisms are.  I was expecting more of a light shiatsu massage with some vibration but this is the real thing!  The Homedics Shiatsu Pillow is about half the size of pillow and fits nicely in any chair.  I find it gives a particularly deep and tension relieving massage when I sit in a hard chair such as the chairs below.   Do you like my office space? – I’m working in my dining room today.

The soft plush Shiatsu Pillow conforms to your body and there’s even an option to add heat to your massage.  The shiatsu pillow is perfect for use on your neck, back, shoulders and more. Finally, moms can relax while the soft plush pillow kneads away muscle tension, pain and fatigue! What a relief!  That’s worth $39!

Homedics’ Shiatsu Pillow would make a great Mother’s Day gift, don’t you think?

The Celebrity Solstice cruise:
Part 1: Relaxing

Celebrity Solstice deck lounge chairs

In Part 1 of my Celebrity Solstice preview cruise series I am going to tell you how I relaxed on the ship and how you can too.

Boy, the cruise went by so fast.  Among going to executive forums, ship designer forums, PR meetings, and eating I was on the go from dawn till dusk.  I did not sit down at a pool once but I passed them at least three dozen times.
I did however, sit on the lawn. THe Patio on the Lawn is on the highest deck of the ship without roof to obstruct my view of the sky, no hard floor under my bare feet, just soft, plush grass.  After passing through The Lawn I headed for the AuquSpa where I was fortunate enough to get a Swedish Massage.  While waiting for my massage, I was sent to the relaxation room where I gazed out of the ceiling to floor windows and I just happened to be there when the sun was setting so the view was astonishing.  The relaxation room is full of chase lounges each having a plush blanket, pillows and side tables on which you can put your cup of tea or book.  The relaxation room trumped eating a box of chocolate hands down!

Part 2 coming soon

You can read about why I went on the Celebrity Solstice preview cruise here.