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Be Prepared for the Long Winter Months with Emergency and Long Term Food Storage

Around October, before the cold winter months arrive, I stock up on food staples.  I am not a fan of driving in sleet and snowy conditions so I’d much have an emergency food storage solution in place before a poor weather situation arises.  There are some items that we can’t stock up on like fresh milk and eggs but did you know that you can provide meals for your family without having fresh food on hand, in the case of an emergency?  And did you know that some food can last 25 years if prepared and stored properly?  No matter where we live we are all vulnerable to the some kind of broad scale emergency or natural disaster and that’s why it’s important to invest in long term food storage.

Here are a few tips for storing food long term:

  • Keep food in a cool, dry place
  • Keep containers off of the floor to allow for good air circulation
  • Keep products intended for longer-term storage dry
  • Keep food being store for long term, away from light
Prepare Wise helps with these things by securing freeze dried food pouches into durable plastic containers that are, compact, and easy to stack for long term food storage.  From a 72 Hour emergency food kit, to an entire month’s worth of delicious breakfast and entrée options, Prepare Wise emergency food storage packages are made to offer a convenient storage solution that can be stockpiled safely and securely for up to 25 years.

I hope you never encounter an emergency that requires you to use long term food storage, but I believe that it would benefit you to invest in emergency food storage from a place like PrepareWise, in order to protect your family!