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Bag-A-Diaper from Lillaboo.com

I know you LOVE your huge, trendy diaper bag and I love mine too, but don’t you hate carrying it to the grocery store or during a quick trip to the video store?  You don’t have worry about that if you get a Lillaboo Bag-A-Diaper.
The Lillaboo Bag-A-Diaper gets you out with the essentials; a few diapers and a small wipe case.

I pushed this bag to the limits and can fit my sunglasses, chapstick and gum in it! How exciting is that!?

The Bag-A-Diaper has a strap so you can hang it on the stoller or on your wrist during a quick run into the store.

Have fun with your Bag-A-Diaper!

Where to buy: Lillaboo