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The Learning Tower, Art Easel, and Toy Tower Review

Is your child so clingy that she pulls up a chair up to stand next to you while you’re cooking or fixing your hair?

Then you will love The Learning Tower.

The Learning Tower is a safe, sturdy, and fun platform inside a tower that your child can stand on safely.  When standing on the platform my daughter can help me cook, wash fruits and veggies, and if you have older kids, I’ve learned it’s a great place for a child to stand while playing hair stylist.  My daughter loves brushing my hair and playing hair stylist and she’s fallen off of the chair more than a handful of times.  We keep The Learning Tower in our kitchen now and the kids can move it from one area to another pretty easily.

The Learning Tower and Art Easel review

Before your child gets in The Learning Tower, adjust the platform to one of the four positions that your think is best for your child.  Pull The Learning Tower up to the location where you want it and your child can climb in using the foot holes on either side or crawl in through the open space on the sides. No matter which of the four heights the platform is on, your child is unlikely to fall out because there is at least a four-inch ledge around the entire platform.

The Learning Tower - Art Easel dry erase and chalk board
Dry erase and chalk board

The Art Easel

Little Partners also sells an Art Easel that hooks over the top of The Learning Tower.  The Art Easel is great for playing school or listing chores or recipe ingredients.  A white board on one side and a chalkboard on the other, there is plenty of room for a child to create a fantastic work of art or just doodle.

Here’s a helpful dry erase marker tip: If your child accidentally uses a regular marker on the dry erase board, just go over it again with a dry erase marker and wipe it clean.  It may not come 100% clean but it should help considerably.

The Art Easel is available in nine colors and is $59.99.


The Learning Tower Toy Tower
The Learning Tower - Toy Tower

The Toy Tower

Little girls love playing with dolls but that toy high chair you have might not be the easiest thing to carry to Grandma’s house.  That’s where the Toy Tower comes in handy.  It’s small and light weight and just the right size for any doll.  The platform is adjustable just like on The Learning Tower so your child’s doll can sit as high or low as needed.  Last night we took Mickey Mouse and The Toy Tower with us to my mom’s house for dinner and he enjoyed dinner with us.  On a normal day any number of baby dolls and Lalaloopsy dolls will sit in the Toy Tower wherever my daughter is.

The Toy Tower is $49.99 and is available in three colors.

Assembling the Art Easel
My daughter helps assemble the Art Easel

Assembling The Learning Tower and Art Easel

Assembling The Learning Tower takes about 30 minutes while the Art Easel takes just about 15 minutes to assemble.
If you have a little helper like my husband did then assembly time might be less.. or more.

Both require minimal tools for assembly.



Colors and Cost

The Learning Tower comes in nine colors and is $199.99.   It can be purchased online at www.littlepartners.com.


I was sent The Learning Tower, an Art Easel, and Toy Tower to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.