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Junior Varsity Naturals kids deodorant – no harsh chemicals!

Kids play hard. There’s playing hard in the winter and there’s playing hard in the summer. It’s summer and this playing hard stinks! There are times when my 10 year old (sorry Seb!) walks in the door after playing outside and I tell him to go take a shower.. I can’t take it. The stink is a combination of perspiration and dirty clothes smell.
Until the folks at Junior Varsity Naturals emailed me about their natural deodorant, I didn’t consider that my 10 year old should start wearing deodorant any time soon. Well, according to an unbiased poll of over 500 parents, 28% of kids develop body odor between 10-11 years old. Yikes.. not my son, right?! I am so lucky that I was recently contacted by Junior Varsity Naturals to review their natural kids deodorant. What timing!

Junior Varsity Naturals brand deodorant is an all-natural product developed for active children of any age. This product is created with no harsh chemicals such as aluminum chlorhydrate (may be linked with Alzheimer’s Disease), Parabens (May be linked with breast cancer) and propylene glycol (Ingredient commonly used in manufacturing antifreeze). Instead Junior varsity Naturals produces a natural antibacterial deodorant complete with odor preventing botanicals, which are gentle and effective. This natural deodorant goes on clear and will not leave any white residue.

Junior Varsity Naturals brand deodorant is available specifically for boys and girls. The boy’s deodorant has a citrus fragrance (all natural) while the girls is cherry. My 3 year old daughter carries her Junior Varsity Naturals deodorant in her little bag she takes everywhere! She calls it her “dodedant”.

How much? A well worth it $6.99
Where to buy: Junior Varsity Naturals

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