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Get productive with these iPhone apps

iPhone app & Mac desktop version

Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task and list management tool.  
It's as though Things was developed just for moms.  Things is easy to use and it packed with features that parents (and others) will find very useful. 

You can even sync wirelessly with the desktop version (mac only) of Things using Wi-Fi. 

Things iPhone app features

  • Create projects
    EX: Large homework assignments or science fair projects that require several steps to complete.
  • The Today list
    This is where you will see a list of tasks whose start date is today as well as overdue items.
  • Next list
    Single to-do's and action steps from active projects.
  • Someday – I love this one!
    The Someday box is for ideas you might want to pursue in the future like plan a trip to the Bahamas.

Things desktop and iPhone app will have you anxious to get organized whereas before you didn't know where to start.

Download a free trial here.


ReachMyFile is a great iPhone
app for busy moms that essentially gives
you complete access to your Mac from your iPhone.

When you run into a friend at the bookstore and want to show her photographs of the kids that you don't have on your iPhone, you can download the photos to show her.  Have you ever forgotten an ingredient for a recipe while you are at the grocery store?  Just reach back to your Mac to download it while you are shopping!  And you can download songs and movies from your
Mac to keep your kids entertained when you are waiting at the doctor's office or in traffic.  You can even use ReachMyFile
to find your child's homework assignment and e-mail it to the
teacher.  Sebastian would pay dearly if I had to do that!

You can see a video of ReachMyFile in action here on YouTube.