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My Goals and Hopes for BlogHer ’11 – Invitation Consultants BlogHer $300 Sponsorship Winner!

Invitation Consultants BlogHer '11 Sponsorship
This is the Blogger Bag Tag that I won!

A good friend of mine, Stacie, told me about an opportunity to get a blogger bag tag from Invitation Consultants and to enter a contest to win a $300 sponsorship to BlogHer ’11. I, along with over 200+ other bloggers, entered the contest. Much to my surprise, I found out yesterday that I am one of six winners! The other winners are:

The winners of Invitations Consultants BlogHer ’11 Scholarship were invited to write a post sharing our goals and hopes for BlogHer ’11 which I am very happy to do!
I have a lot of goals and hopes which I hope are realistic.

I’ve been blogging since 2005 and while even many brand new bloggers attend blog and social media conferences from the get go, I just started attending blogging and social media conferences last year. Later this week, I’m attending the largest blog/social media conference I will have been to, BlogHer ’11. While I’m looking forward to the learning opportunities at BlogHer ’11, from what I understand, this conference focuses heavily on networking with other bloggers as well as brand representatives. I am very excited about the educational sessions but let me tell you.. I’m super duper ginormously nervous about the in-person networking. I suffer from extreme shyness and social anxiety and working from home for the last 11 years hasn’t helped my shyness or social anxiety.  I will keep attending conferences anyway in hopes that one day I will be able to walk up to a stranger, start a conversation and feel good about it!  If any conference will help me accomplish that goal, I think it will be BlogHer!

My HOPES for BlogHer ’11:

  • Most importantly, I hope to have a safe and relaxing flight to San Diego from Atlanta.
  • I hope that I am able to attend all of the educational sessions that I have on my BlogHer schedule, of which I’ve double-booked myself for a few.
  • I hope to be able to network with bloggers and brands representatives I’ve chatted with online and who I’ve never met before as well as meet bloggers and reps I haven’t had the opportunity to communicate with previously or meet.
  • I hope that I won’t feel too guilty for leaving the kids, yet again.
  • I hope that my luggage doesn’t get lost.
  • I hope I’m able to keep a positive attitude no matter how overwhelmed, tired, or lonely I might feel at times.
  • I hope that I am able to keep my composure and not let my emotions get the best of me when I think about my daughter.
  • I hope that my daughter’s biopsy results come back either before BlogHer or after so I don’t have a meltdown during BlogHer.

My Goals while at BlogHer ’11

  • Connect Goal – My #1 goal is to make new friends and connect with representatives from brands that I respect and would like to work with. Let’s be real.. that is what BlogHer is about!
  • Learn to Write Goal – have been considering taking a writing class at Kennesaw State University but my goal at BlogHer is to learn how to write better at the Women Create sessions on Wednesday. If I don’t meet that goal, I’ll take a class at KSU after BlogHer.
  • Relax Goal – I actually signed up for a 6am Yoga class during BlogHer ’11. Doesn’t that sound relaxing!?
  • Swag Goal – My goal is to come home with typical BlogHer swag, but only items that will be useful to my family, or that my kids will appreciate, or that we can donate to local charities.
  • Don’t Break Down and Cry Goal – I am going to try my hardest NOT to call my husband or sister crying about not having anyone to talk to. That only happened once but boy does that memory sit in the forefront of my thoughts during trips like this.
  • One really big goal that I have that I’m afraid Stacie, Desiree, Niri, and Caryn, might laugh at me for, is to not give in to peer pressure (you know who you are!) and skip out on educational sessions in order to attend a party or other event that might give me swag but not the educational value that session would have.  Ha!  We’ll see if that happens!
  • Grand Finale Goal – Learn a lot! I feel pretty confident that even thought I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and working online for over 10 years, there are still things for me to learn.
Invitation Consultants BlogHer '11 Sponsorship

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Thank you Invitation Consultants for providing me with a $300 BlogHer ’11 sponsorship.   Learn about my main BlogHer ’11 sponsor here!
Wish me luck at BlogHer please!

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Alicia Hagan, Editor