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iBend™ and OccupyBaby, the perfect travel companions

I can’t stand it when gooey fingerprints get on my iPhone screen.  Considering the iPhone is a short term babysitter for many moms, we’ve come to expect the fingerprints.  However, I learned to expect otherwise after being introduced to iBend and OccubyBaby, two products that work together to provide moms with a few minutes of peace while eating, doing laundry, or whatever it is that we need to do.

The iBend is an ultra portable surprisingly stable stand for the iPhone and iPod touch.  The stand allows your child to play a game like OccupyBaby or watch a fun movie on your iPhone without having to hold the iPhone.  A mom’s dream!  The iBend will slide right into your wallet and at a price of just 2 for $4.99, you can affordably stock up on iBends.  Keep a few in your wallet and a few in your home.

OccupyBaby is an entertaining iPhone app for babies and toddlersThe auto-play option is excellent for young babies and for when you are on the go.  You don’t have to fool with control buttons.  For older kids (3+) the OccupyBaby iPhone app is an educational experience with word exploration, sounds, and various language settingsMadelyn loves OccupyBaby.
Here is a link to OccupyBaby in iTunes.