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Mom and Dad – 50/50?

Did you read the recent article "Mad at Dad" in Parenting magazine?

I was pleasantly surprised to read that 40% of moms are regularly angry at their husbands about their lack of help with every day chores, the kids, etc.  Despite the fact that we (myself and the women interviewed for the article) get angry at our husbands we love our husbands tremendously so this is not an attack on men or fathers, but is rather a way for moms to openly discuss our issues about this situation and hopefully share advice and ideas ultimately helping us to resolve one mom at a time.

I started a discussion on my MomLogic group about this very topic and would love for you to join in on the discussion!!

UPDATE:  A father who read my post joined my MomLogic discussion about this post offering very valuable advice/ideas from a man's point of view.  Oh, and the first thing he wrote is "Men are Dense".  Don't you love him already?