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HP 3.5″ Digital Picture Frame Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY brought to you by TheMommyInsider.com and TheFind.com


TheMommyInsider.com and TheFind.com have partnered to bring you the chance to win an HP 3.5" Digital Picture Frame!

What is something that all moms have lots of? 

If you said photographs, your right.  What good does it do to have photographs covering our walls, nightstand, and bookshelves when most of the people we want to share our photographs with never step foot in our home?

With the HP 3.5" Digital Picture Frame you can carry your photographs with you every where you go.   This 3.5" frame is the perfect size to go in a diaper bag or purse and is protected from 'the elements' (juice, milk, etc) inside the included black leather carrying case.

With the flip of a switch you can start a slide show, or you can browse photographs manually.  Up to 45 images can be stored internally but you can insert a memory card including however many photographs you put on it to share a virtually unlimited amount of photographs with your friends and family.

You can buy your very own HP 3.5" Digital Picture Frame here at Amazon.com
but be sure to enter our giveaway too!

GIVEAWAY!  We have 2 HP 3.5" Digital Picture Frames to give to lucky readers!
Tell us in 3 or more sentences in the comments belowComments , why you want to win an HP 3.5" Digital Picture Frame for Mother's Day and/or tell us a funny story involving a photograph.  If you've got kids, you have a funny photograph story! Winners will be notified via email May 6th.  If you are a winner, you must respond to our email by May 7th so we can ship your prize to you for Mother's Day! 

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