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Bella Sara Treasures & Miniatures collections

Why do boys get to have all the trading card fun?  They don’t.. silly me.  Now with
Bella Sara collectible trading cards and miniature velvety horses, girls ages 8-12 will spend hours trading and playing with the magical world of Bella Sara.  

Bella Sara trading cards were introduced a while ago and the addition of these adorable miniature horses make for amazing fun for girls.  The Miniatures
collection is the first time Bella Sara collectors get the chance to collect actual figurines of
the Bella Sara horses.

When I received my Bella Sara package from Team Mom I didn’t realize that two of the packages held beautiful miniature horses.  Madelyn was there when I opened the first package and her face lit and she immediately took the horse to her doll house and welcomed her into her dollhouse family.  The horses fit in the palm of your hand and there are 20 velvety horses and bonus codes to collect in all.  Imagine the fun girls will have with these along with the Bella Sara trading cards. Bonus codes are used on the Bella Sara website which is a place where girls can play games and collect and care for horses.  Girls get their own cottage upon signing up for a free Bella Sara account.

More about Bella Sara

  • Girls can have even more fun on the interactive Bella Sara game website

  • 20 collectible horses

  • 20 bonus codes to use on the website

  • 8 series of trading cards

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