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Ralph Lauren Sanderson pants – My Official Holiday Pants

Ralph Lauren women's clothing

Ralph Lauren Sanderson trousers
Ralph Lauren Sanderson trousers

I have a difficult time finding pants that fit  well.   I blame it on the ‘mommy belly’ that won’t go away no matter how many sit-ups I do and how many miles I walk on the treadmill (not so many these days).  Given my ‘situation’, I was thrilled when I received a pair of Ralph Lauren Sanderson pants and they slipped right on, beautifully and comfortably.  As I put the pants on it felt like I was slipping a sheet of whipped butter on my legs.  Sounds strange, I know.. but these pants are so light and smooth, I don’t know how else to explain it.

The Sanderson pants sit just below my natural waist giving support where I need it most.  The pants have a fuller leg shape which helps me feel more balanced; between my big boobs and small legs.. sometimes I feel like I don’t look properly proportioned in ‘skinny’ jeans.

A classic pair of black pants is a must-have for every woman’s closet.  I can’t imagine a body type that the Sanderson’s won’t  flatter.   The Sanderson’s are available in petite and regular sizes.

Ralph Lauren Sanderson pants - brand ambassador
Ralph Lauren Sanderson pants

When shopping for holiday outfits this year be sure to try on a few Ralph Lauren pieces.  Thanks to Ralph Lauren’s timeless designs and high quality, you will wear them for years.

<< This is what happens when my 11 year old is responsible for taking photos of me.

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Disclosure: I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Ralph Lauren and may receive various Ralph Lauren products as part of my participation.