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New Bed 4 Anissa – Donating even $1 will help

I just donated $50 to the New Bed 4 Anissa fun via MommyBrainReports.com and ChipIn.com.   I love it when bloggers and people in general gather together to help a friend, or even someone they don’t know, out.  It doesn’t happen nearly enough and I think a lot of the reason why is that whether by choice or circumstance, we aren’t exposed to the problems enough.  Monica from MommyBrainReports.com stepped up and put Anissa’s ‘problem’ in front of us via her blog and Twitter, giving us all the opportunity to chip in and help.

Even though I’ve never met Anissa and have only actually communicated with her once or twice via Twitter I believe, I have followed her story for over a year and although she makes it nearly impossible to feel sorry for her, I empathize and want to help if only with a few dollars.. $50 in this case.    Amazingly enough, I live in Atlanta and so does Anissa.. but we’ve never met.

I can’t imagine being in Anissa’s position and not having a good bed to rest and sleep in. Where should I send the logos for the t-shirts?  That’s such a great idea.. I hope a lot of people chip in!

You can donate $1, $5, $10, $25, or $50.. or more here.