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Atlanta Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Shops

Enjoying ice cream at Bruster's in Marietta, GA

I’ll come up with any excuse to go to the ice cream shop including..“if you clean your room, I’ll buy you ice cream”.  Who ends up cleaning the kid’s rooms?  I do!  We don’t go to ice cream shops nearly as often I’d like (who does?) but I love to go to ice cream shops like Bruster’s and Marble Slab Creamery.  We don’t go to ice cream shops just for the delicious ice cream but also for the fun family time, togetherness and if your childhood was anything like mine, going to ice cream and frozen yogurt shops provide for some great memories!  One thing that stands out in my childhood memories is going to TCBY with my Dad and sister where we grew up in Orlando.

Now, when I take my kids to Bruster’s or Marble Slab, I reminisce and think about how I’m building memories for my kids by doing something so simple as taking them to the ice cream shop.

Did you know that there are gourmet ice cream shops, gelato, smoothies, and frozen yogurt shops galore in Atlanta? Just like the Cupcake Bakeries list I recently put together for our great readers, the AtlantaMoms.com ice cream shops directory is growing fast and I’m sure you’ll find a great ice cream shop to visit near you.

The kids eating frozen yogurt at Yogurtland in Winter Park, FL

Visit the Atlanta Moms Atlanta Ice Cream Shops directory to find an ice cream shop near you.

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