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StowAway diaper bag by Flee Bags

Fleebags Here’s a riddle for you..

What has the functionality of a toddler seat cushion, a laptop protector, and a diaper changing aid?
A Flee Bag diaper changing pad of course!

I’ve never used a diaper changing pad that is so soft and ‘cushiony’ AND can be wiped clean and I’ve had the opportunity to test a lot of diaper changing pads. 

The diaper changing pad is included in the incredible StowAway Diaper Bag by Flee Bags. This bag is truly unique in its design and functionality. The design fits my personality and style perfectly and the functionality fits a mommy’s lifestyle and then when you no longer need to tote pounds of diapers, toys, wipes, sippy cups, pacifiers, blah blah blah… you can use the StowAway Diaper Bag as a handbag, carry on bag, or a laptop case. Simply place your laptop in the bag and cover it with the super cushiony diaper changing pad. How great is that?

One of my favorite features of the StowAway Diaper Bag is the detachable change purse.  I’ve been testing the diaper bag for about a week now and there have been a few occasions when I needed to run into the store quickly for milk, bananas, or whatever and I didn’t want to carry the bag inside. I didn’t have to! I put my money, ID, and cell phone in the cool change purse and that’s all I took inside. LOVE IT!

I am thouroughly impressed with the durability of the bag. It’s impressive enough that it can hold tons of diapers, wipes, toys, food, and drinks but the fact that it can hold a laptop without ripping open at the seams thrills me.

Here are some features of the StowAway Diaper Bag:

Zipper-Top closure
Contrasting Interior Lining – Classy and stylish designs inside and out!
One Large Exterior Flat Panel Pocket
One Expandable Exterior Side Pocket
Three Exterior Flat Panel Pockets – great for easy access to a cell phone
Multiple Interior Mesh and Oilcloth pockets
Detachable Change Purse
Adjustable Shoulder Strap with Padded Slider
Dangling Key Clip
Protective Base Feet – these are great for germaphones (that’s what Sebastian calls me) like me. I get grossed out thinking about what kinds of dirt and germs attach themselves to the bottom of my bags when at a restaurant, doctors office, etc. The feet on the Stowaway Diaper Bag are a great feature!

That’s not all! I am going to publish a review of the Flee Hanging Cosmetics Case next week. We are taking a short vacation this weekend which gives me the perfect opportunity to use and photograph the case.

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