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Orlando Farmer’s Market & more places we might go while in Orlando this week

Orlando Farmer's Market at Lake Eola Park

On one of our last vacations to Orlando we visited the Orlando Farmer’s Market.  I don’t remember what we went there looking for.. we were on a mission, but instead we found beautiful caterpillars housed in simple yet pretty clear cases, available for purchase.  No, not to eat.  Anyway, my son (10 years old) had to have one and lucky for him his Grandma thought he needed a caterpillar too.  So, he got a caterpillar from the Orlando Farmer’s Market and despite the fact that it didn’t live to turn into a butterfly (it lived a few weeks), buying that caterpillar gave me just enough experience at the Orlando Farmer’s Market to remember it as a fun place to go with the kids.  There’s so much to look at including the lake that it sits on.   I don’t like vegetables so I don’t stop at the fresh vegetable tables, but I love to stop and look at the orchids, fruit, and the arts & crafts.

I grew up in Orlando, in Longwood to be exact, and I had never heard of a Farmer’s Market until we moved to Atlanta when I was older. But now, Farmer’s Markets in Orlando are the only one’s I go to and it’s not that often.  I’ve been twice.    I’m not sure if we’ll go to the Orlando Farmer’s Market today but it sounds like something fun to do.  I have to pass it by my husband, the kids, and my Dad with whom we’re staying this week and see if they want to go.

The Orlando Farmer’s Market is at beautiful Lake Eola Park and shoppers will find everything from flowers, to face fainting to, fresh fruits & vegetables, pastries, fresh bread, beer & wine.  Sounds like a great day to me!

You can learn more about the Orlando Farmer’s Market on their website here.

Orlando Farmer’s Market Hours: Every Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm.

Do you think that going to a Farmer’s Market is a fun family activity or a ‘shopping experience’?  What other Farmer’s Markets are in or around Orlando?  Tell us and we’ll feature it on the Orlando Edition.