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Audiovox Homebase messaging center and digital frame

What do you have on your fridge?  A calendar, a few photographs, some notes?  That's what I had on mine up until a couple of weeks ago.  I am so excited about Audiovox's Homebase Audio and Video system because it allows me to replace all of the visible fridge clutter with a pretty little shiny frame like device that does it all.


What is the Audiovox Homebase messaging and digital frame?

  • A calendar
  • A 7 inch digital photo frame
  • A video messaging center with a built in a video camera
  • A whiteboard
  • A magnet board
  • A post-it note holder

The Audiovox Homebase can be mounted to your refrigerator, wall, or set on your counter top.  They really thought of everything when designing this device.. there are even 3 different color cords you can use to conceal the cord going from the device to the wall outlet.

What do I do with the Audiovox Homebase system?

  • Leave important video messages for my husband and son
  • Watch my husband and son's funny video messages
  • Write reminders on the white board
  • Put cute photographs and small drawings on the magnetic strip
  • Manage my appointments
  • and much much more!

The Audiovox Homebase is a MOMMY MUST-HAVE!

Learn more about the Audiovox Homebase here or buy one here.

We are giving away an Audiovox Homebase to one lucky subscriber!  Learn how to enter here.

Busy Body Book

Every family needs a "Busy Body Book".

The Busy Body Book allows families to break events down by person. There are 5 columns for each day. Each column can be titled with a persons name (see video for example) or by subject for students.  The front of the book features a list of the months with ample room to write down all the important events for each month.

When you start a new month, one full page includes a grid of 3 full months; the previous month, the current month and the next month for quick reference.
On an open spread, one page includes a "To Doodles" section and a notes area and the other page includes a grid of the current week.

Christian and Jewish holidays are featured in the Busy Body Book.

Toward the end of the book is a feature that I absolutely love!  It is an "apointments for next year" spread. You know when you go to the OB/GYN and they want you to make your next yearly apointment, you are thinking "right, like I am going to remember the date!?"  Well, now you will! 

Next there are several "Notes" pages.

To top it off, the book includes great little perforrated "To Do" pages with each page having 4 To Do perforrated sections.

At the end of the book you will find an "Important People" section…i.e. an address book.

The book comes with a bookmark that grabs the spiral binder so you can bookmark the current week.

There are 2 sturdy pockets; one in the inner cover and the other in the back of the book.

Click here to watch my quick video of the Busy Body Book.  It’s not the clearest video but you will get an idea of what the pages look like.  You can also visit the website to see sample pages.

Where to buy: Busy Body Book