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3 steps toward Green(er) parenting
Step 1: Green school supplies

Fleurville-rerun-messengerTeaching kids how to lessen their footprint on the environment is vital and can be done easily, affordably and with style!  Here are a few online stores, and a sampling of their products, that will
get your kids started on their Green school supply collection.

  • Forest Choice – Graphite #2 pencils and colored pencils
  • Green Apple – Earth Friendly School Pack 2", Recycled Content Markers, Recycled Ballpoint Pen, and Maped Natural Rubber Eraser are a few products offered here.
  • Fluerville – Re-Run™ Beta Binder and Re-Run™ Messenger.

A few tips that I particularly like from The Green Parent website article, Green Your School Supplies are:

  1. Aim For A Waste-Free Lunch
  2. Borrow or Rent Sports Equipment and Instruments.
  3. Update and reuse last year’s backpack by adding or removing fabric patches or designs.

Gloria Campos with Daily Green Tips reminds us that if we can't afford to buy all green school supplies, that's okay. Buy what
you can green on the supply list. You will still make a difference.

Are your kids using Green school supplies?  If so, what are they and where do you buy them?