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Sofia Bean – more than a onesie

Sofia Bean takes packaging to the next level!

Normally,  I tell you about a great piece of clothing or an accessory and I don’t  mention packaging.  Sofia Bean’s packaging warrants a mention!! When your purchase arrives, you will first unwrap a beautiful box that can be used as a toy box or storage box in baby’s nursery. The box is very sturdy and has a lift off top for easy access. What a great initial presentation!

So, on to the onesies. Choose from embroidered  chicks, dogs, or sheep on a pink, blue, yellow, red or green onesie. The onesies are super soft, have an envelope neck and 2 snaps for easy diaper changing… On a personal note.. I love having to button just 2 snaps. I have a very difficult time aligning 3 snaps when Madelyn is kicking and screaming while I am changing her.

Sofia Bean also offers great coordinating pants to complete the "outfit of super cuteness"!

Madelyn loves her Sofia Bean blanket with chicks on it. It is just the right thickness for Georgia weather. We spend a lot of time outside, so we need blankets that aren’t to thick here. The blanket conforms to her body instead of just laying on top of her. I love that.

That’s not all Sofia Bean offers!
  I just love their bibs.  Unfortunately, I have to cover up Madelyn’s cute clothes 99.9% of the time as she is a "spitter upper" so  these embroidered Sofia Bean bibs are a wonderful wardrobe accessory!

I could go on and on, but this post will be too long if I do that.. so go check out Sofia Bean!

Where to buy: Sofia Bean