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VTech MobiGo review and giveaway

This contest has ended. Congratulation to the winner Amy P.!

Madelyn playing with her VTech MobiGo

VTech’s done it again with another great product that kids love to play with and learn from. Way to go VTech!

VTech MobiGo

Madelyn got a VTech MobiGo a few days ago and as you can see in the photographs, she loves it and takes it with her everywhere. My 10 year old went to camp about 35 minutes away and the MobiGo was great to have in the car. I actually got to listen to grown-up music while she played with her MobiGo! What was really great is that Madelyn, 4 years old, didn’t get frustrated with any of the games or have to ask me for help.
I’ve reviewed a lof of electronic toys for kids over the last 8 years and MobiGo is one of the easiest for young kids to pick up on right away and keeps preschoolers and grade schoolers interest very well.

Madelyn loves the squirrel game during which she has to draw/trace horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines that magically turn into bridges, swinging ropes, wheels, elevators, and more that help get the squirrel get back home.
The MobiGo keeps Madelyn’s attention very well. Not that I want my kids to be staring at a game system for hours but what’s important to me is that the game be entertaining enough (and educational.. of course!) to keep their attention and MobiGo’s Touch through completion.
The MobiGo is a comfortable size for preschoolers to hold and the smooth grips on the sides make it so that the MobiGo shouldn’t slip out of her hands.

VTech MobiGo details:

  • Touch-screen: Applying touch control that includes tap, flick, pat and drag & drop, kids learn with fun on the same technology as parents do with their touch-screen devices.
  • Educational games: From coloring, drawing and playing instruments, kids can discover a wide variety of fun and engaging learning games. MobiGo teaches a wide range of skills including math, vocabulary, spelling, logic and categorization. The slide open QWERTY keyboard introduces and facilitates typing skills.
  • Downloadable Content: Additional games and content will be available for download so kids can customize their MobiGo with the latest innovative games and continue the learning and fun for years to come. This feature hasn’t officially launched yet but I can’t wait to see what’s available!
  • Portable: Handheld robust gaming console makes learning fun on the go for little hands and is equipped with headphone and AC adapter jacks.. headphones must be purchased separately.

MobiGo Game Cartridges

11 licensed title game cartridges will be available for purchase for approximatly $19.99 with more being added in the near future.
Titles include:
Ben 10, Disney/Pixar’s Cars, Disney Fairies, Disney Princesses, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mr. Men & Little Miss, NASCAR, Shrek, Super Hero Squad, and Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3.

VTech MobiGo key facts

  • MobiGo Touch Learning System will be available nationwide in August at key retailers and online at Amazon.com and www.vtechkids.com.
  • Suggested retail price: $59.99
  • MobiGo Touch Learning System is recommended for ages 3 to 8 years
  • The slide-out QWERTY keyboard familiarizes children with typing skills.. you know your kids are going to be texting when they’re 6 or so. 😉
  • For more information on VTech’s additional product lines, visit www.vtechkids.com, www.facebook.com/VTechToys on Facebook or follow @VTechToys on Twitter.

A short video demo

Watch this short video of Madelyn playing with her VTech MobiGo. You can see how easy it is for Madelyn (4 years old) to use the touchscreen in this video and how great the graphics are.
(sorry about the shaky video and that I don’t sound very enthusiastic.. I wasn’t feeling so great when I shot the video)

VTech MobiGo Giveaway

We are giving a lucky reader a VTech MobiGo Touch Learning system!
Entries accepted through June 21, 2010.
The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. Open to US residents 18+ only. Your email and contact information may be shared with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide for shipping purposes only.

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This giveaway ended June 21st, 2010.