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Dyson DC25 BLUEPRINT limited edition review

Raise your hand if you love cleaning? I don’t see many hands up. OK, now raise your hand if you love vacuuming. I see hands! Yes, they are all in my imagination, but that’s OK, right? Vacuuming is satisfying. I love vacuuming so much that I have a vacuum on every level of my house.. of which there are three.. it’s split level not a castle, bummer.   There’s something about sucking up goldfish snacks, leaves, and tiny pieces of cut up paper that makes me feel good. Unlike most things in life, I am in control when I vacuum, especially with my Dysons.  They do their job and they are easy for me to push around.  What’s not satisfying about that?

My newest vacuum is this beautiful white Dyson DC25 Blueprint, a limited edition, wonderfully satisfying, lightweight, skinny, sleek, upright Dyson Ball vacuum.
As you can see in the photograph to the right and the video below, the Dyson DC25 Blueprint is easy enough for a 3 year old to maneuver.  You’d better watch out because once your 3 year old has her hand at your new Dyson DC25 Blueprint, she’s going to point a finger at you and tell you to “stay back Mommy!”.  The vacuum sits on a ball which is what makes for excellent maneuverability and the ball’s low center of gravity makes steering the vacuum a cinch.. even Madelyn can do it!

I’ve had the opportunity to try out several Dyson vacuums (this is the 4th in our house.. maybe we need to add a 4th level?) and I am as ecstatic about this one as all of the others. The fact that the Blueprint is white adds a new level of “ooohhh” to the mix and the ball.. gosh, the ball makes the entire vacuuming experience easier.   Out of the 4 Dysons I own, the Blueprint is my 2nd favorite because of it’s light weight and manuverability.  My #1 favorite is my Pink Dyson DC16 Root 6  which I use several times a day (really) and have for over a year.  I would love to have the Dyson 31 handheld Animal Vacuum because it has a motorized brush bar that the DC16 doesn’t.  Because we have a split level house we go up and down stairs often so they get dirty quickly and the DC31 appears to be just the right handheld for those much needed quick stair clean ups through out the day.

Here are a few of my favorite Dyson DC25 Blueprint features:

  • The Blueprint is based on the Dyson Ball technology for smooth steering
  • It has a HEPA filter and is certified asthma friendly
  • I love the hygienic dust bin – crumbs, dust, and whatever else the kids squish into the floor are dumped from the bin with one click.
  • On-board tools include a stair and crevice tool
  • Incredible suction – don’t try to talk this vacuum out of sucking up your curtains if you get it too close!

I’m a busy mom and I don’t enjoy cleaning so I take all the shortcuts I can.  My Dyson vacuums help me achieve supremely clean carpets and hardwood floors quickly and efficiently.  And, like I’ve said in my previous Dyson reviews, my husband and son LOVE using the Dysons.  So, moms, all you need to get the boys to help you around the house is a sexy shiny white Dyson, and maybe a beer (or a juice box) and I am confident that you’ll have help in no time!

Here is my review of the Dyson DC28 Animal which is kept on the middle level of our house because the carpets and hardwood on this level get the most use (i.e. nasty).

Here is a short slideshow of photographs of the Dyson DC25 Blueprint

Where can I buy it? Get the lowest price here at Amazon.com.
How much is it? $529

Dyson DC28 Animal upright vacuum cleaner (a mom’s review)

Dyson DC28 Animal upright vacum

The Dyson DC28 upright vacuum features Root Cyclone technology so you don’t lose suction power as you clean your carpets even carpets with handfulls of goldfish snacks crumbled into the fibers, or cat hair, or.. you know what I’m getting at, especially if you’re a parent.

What’s Included

* Dyson DC28 Animal HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum
* Mini turbine head and Flatout head
* Owner’s manual

Product Features

* 12 amps of power
Thoroughly clean carpets, bare floors and stairs.
* Bagless container
Saves time, energy, and money with no bags to buy or replace
* HEPA filter
Can be washed clean and traps more than 99.9% of dust mites, pollen and ragweed for a healthier environment.
* 13-1/2″ cleaning path
Lets you cover a wide range of flooring with every pass.
* 35′ cord
Allows you to reach a large area before needing to move on to another electrical outlet.
* Pneumatic actuator
With Airmuscle technology pulls the cleaner head deeper into the carpet to remove embedded dirt and pet hair.
* Powered cam
With 4 fingertip controls focuses suction by adjusting the brush bar while the cleaner head seals to the floor.
* High-torque clutch
Delivers power to the brush bar.
* Root Cyclone technology
Ensures suction power is constant.
* Mini turbine head and Flatout head
Tackles tough dirt and pet hair on stairs and upholstery.
* Dyson proves no loss of suction using the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard.

We have a Dyson DC21 Stowaway Canister Vacuum
that I got a couple of years ago that we use primarily for vacuuming out the car and for the stairs, while the upright design is great for vacuuming the entire house quickly and efficiently. I still use my Dyson pink DC16 Root handheld vacum every day, although I have to say that I would love the newest version, the DC31 Animal with the stronger suction for tough jobs like those that parents experience almost every day. Just like the Dyson

Learn more about the Dyson DC28 Animal or buy it on Amazon.com here.

Dyson DC25 featured as a robot in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Dyson DC25 featured in Transformers: Revenge of the FallenAs you may know I am a total gadget geek.  I love gadgets and vacuums are no exception.  Over the last couple of years I have been given the opportunity to review a few Dyson vacuums including a canister vacuum and a hand held and have been extremely happy with both.  The hand held gets used several times a day (no kidding) to pick up snack crumbs, scraps of paper from Madelyn’s cutting projects, and naturally.. cereal that falls on the floor when my 9 year old pours it himself.  I know, pouring cereal is a tough job.  Our Dyson Canister is used about 2 times a week and what’s really cool is that it’s my husband or Sebastian that uses it!
I received a Dyson DC28 this week and will review it very soon.

What’s up with the vacuum in the photograph you ask? Well, it’s just about the coolest thing ever, duh!

You’ve probably heard that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen broke box office records on its opening day but quite frankly what’s more intriguing to me than the movie  though, (I’m not a big movie fan) is that a Dyson DC25 vacuum transforms into a Decepticon robot in the movie!  My husband can’t wait to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and will the first chance he gets.  And because he and my son think our Dyson Canister is a weapon which is why they actually use it, I know he’ll love seeing the DC25 transform into a Decepticon robot.

The Dyson DC25 is an upright vacuum cleaner that features Dyson’s famous ball technology which makes the vacuum exceptionally easy to maneuver and vacuums the dirt (and kiddie crumbs) out of the carpet like you wouldn’t believe.

Learn more about the movie Transformers 2 here.

Learn more about the Dyson DC25 here and enter to win a Dyson DC25 here on From Dates to Diapers!

I will be reviewing the DC28 Animal (the newest Dyson Vacuum (upright) and a well-worth-it $599) within a few days so keep visiting and sign up for our email updates to get the review right in your inbox!

Dyson DC16 Root 6 Vacuum – Pink

I've 41CdHZGPUqL._SL160_
had the cordless pink Dyson DC16 Root 6 Vacuum
for a little while and everyone in my family loves it, including the kids.  We have two hand vacuum's and 9 times out of 10, the Dyson is the vacuum we use.  This hand vacuum has uses Root Cyclone technology and has great suction, about twice the suction of other hand vacuums and it recharges about 3 times faster. and tools to make cleaning easier in tight spaces, as well as on hardwood floors.  
The Lithium ion battery lasts for 6 minutes or so giving amply time to clean small messes hand vacuum's are intended for.  The battery charger can be wall mounted and the vacuum features a low-battery indicator which is awesome for me because my 9 year old forgets to put the vacuum on the charger and I can tell how much battery is left.  
The DC16 is a bagless hand held vacuum cleaner and has a 1-touch cup-emptying system which I LOVE!  The 1-touch emptying system is great for those of us who make our kids vacuum their own small messes because they can easily empty the vacuum themselves.  Image that!

You can buy the pink Dyson DC16 Root 6 Vacuum
at Amazon.com for about $149.  Dyson and Target will partner to give $30 of each upright purchase and
$10 of each hand vac purchase to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
for a total donation of $1.4 million