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What do you think? News: Domestic Abuse Against Men — It Happens

I've wondered about this.  I'm sure there are a lot of women out there that have serious self esteem issues or grew up being abuse which could be why some women accept domestic abuse from their husband or boyfriend more than others.  I'm not surprised that men are afraid to report that they are being abused by their wife or girlfriend.  What man wants to call the police saying that his wife beat him with a pot or threw a remote control at him and continued to hit him with it?  The fear of being laughed at, made fun of, not believed by police, or by being taken to jail himself after his wife says she did it out of self defense may be enough for most men to put up with the abuse.. for a little while at least.  I believe that men are more likely to get out of an abusive situation than women though.

Do you know a woman or a man that has been or is currently in a domestic abuse situation?
If so, how you have you tried to help him or her out of the situation?
If not, what do you think is a realistic solution for a man or a woman who is abused by a spouse or partner?

Here is the beginning of the original article.
Excerpt from Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, Commentary, Dwight Hobbes, Posted: Dec 30, 2008

Domestic abuse against men — yes, it happens. You’re going to have a
hard time finding statistics, because reluctant as many women are to
report abusive husbands or boyfriends to the authorities out of fear of
his retaliation or because they’ve been conditioned to accept the
abuse, men are even less likely to pick up the phone, dial 911 and say
their wife or girlfriend just went upside their head or threw a pot at
them. Read the full article here.