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Our Barbie Princess Charm School DVD Party

Barbie Charm School Party
Barbie Charm School Party

Huh?  What?  Umm..

Sit up straight.  Set the table correctly.  Say please and thank you.

These are all things that we try to get our kids to stop saying and start doing by teaching them manners and etiquette.  It’s nice to have a creative way to present a lesson in manners and we hit the jackpot with our recent Barbie Princess Charm School DVD party.  We got together with some friends and had our very own Barbie Princess Charm School Party to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Barbie Princess Charm School DVD coming out in the Fall.

Each guest (aka princess) was given a Tiara, a manners checklist, a table setting placemat, and a certificate of completion of Barbie Princess Charm School.  At the end of the party, all of the guests were given a Certificate of Completion to keep for completing Barbie Princess Charm School!  The girls were so proud!

Barbie Princess Charm School DVD
Barbie Princess Charm School DVD

We played games, practiced our manners, and learned to set the table correctly.  The girls were all

Plan your own Barbie Princess Charm Schoo party for the launch of the Barbie Princess Charm School DVD.  You’ll find all sorts of fun activities, games, and movie trailers on the Barbie Princess Charm School site.

Disclosure: This Barbie Charm School Tea Party was sponsored by One2One Network.

Bratz – Spring Activities from Dancing to Swimming

Kidz Mermaidz Yasmin
Madelyn is a little young to play with Bratz but believe me, she would if she could.  Bratz dolls are vibrant, stylish, and come with lots of accessories to occupy and entertain little girls for hours.
Bratz's new spring line is made up of Bratz expressing their individual style and interests from   sports themes to team activities giving girls the opportunity to express their own interests through their favorite Bratz dolls. 

Dance Crewz Cloe Practice
The new Bratz Dance Crewz line has Yasmin™, Cloe™,
Jade™ and Sasha™ showing off their individual style as they bring their
talents to the dance stage.  The Bratz World® line expands
this season with additions to each doll’s house, and the introduction
of Cloe’s mom, Polita.  If I remember right, my sister and I used to fight over who was the mom when we played dolls. If you're reading, correct me if I'm wrong!  There is even a
Swimmin’ Mermaid whose tail changes color when she swims in water.

Go to the Bratz website to see all of the products, watch Bratz TV, and listen to Bratz tunes.  Check out these and other Bratz on the Bratz page on the Toys R' Us website.