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Disney Mobile

This is an initial review. I will be providing a very in depth review of the new Disney mobile phones and service very soon!

I am a paranoid mom… very!  Disney has come out with their own mobile phones and service. What I absolutely love is that with your Disney Mobile phone, you can track your child where ever they are (as long as they have their Disney Mobile phone on them). I often give Sebastian my cell phone when we are at places like Chucky Cheese so if we get separated he can call Tim’s phone or I can call my phone and he will answer so we can find each other! With the Disney Mobile phone’s GPS system, you can find your child’s whereabouts instantly. Mind you… teenagers might not be thrilled with this feature!

Some services available with Disney Mobile plans:

Family MonitorTM
Stay in control of your family’s wireless spending. Check usage, and as the Family Manager, set voice minutes, text and picture messaging allowances, and receive an alert when an allowance is reached. Also, Family Managers can set spending limits on downloadable entertainment content that both you and your kids can enjoy.

Family LocatorTM
Locate your kid’s phone using GPS technology. Get a location of your kid’s phone and a map of the location without calling. All adults on the account can use Family Locator from their Disney Mobile handset or the Disney Mobile website. All Individual & Family Plans come with 5 Family Locator requests per month.

Family Alert!TM
Family first! Send a priority message to one or all family members simultaneously. These priority messages appear on the phone’s main screen when received, so important messages aren’t missed.

Call Control
This web-only feature lets you, as the Family Manager, establish a schedule for the time of day and day of week your kid’s Disney Mobile phone can be used. Set up a list of Always On numbers so your child can reach you or other family and friends even when phone is restricted. You can also create a list of Prohibited numbers.

These are the features that I am most impressed with but there are more features that are "entertainment" based to look at.

Where to buy: Disney Mobile