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Zoocchini kids dinnerware sets, hooded towels, rugs, and plush animals AND a giveaway!

My kids run around the house and act like monkeys.  Sebastian has always loved anything to do with monkeys including the obnoxious sound they make.  Maybe real monkeys aren’t as obnoxious as my monkeys?
Sebastian recently received Marvin the Monkey from Zoocchini and sleeps with it every night.  Marvin is super soft and gets tons of love from my kids.  Sebastian uses the adorably decorated plastic bucket Marvin the Monkey arrived in to store small toys in.  These adorable plush animals and the bucket packaging make great baby shower and baby birthday gifts.

Madelyn has a cute Safari dinnerware set from Zoocchini.  For the first few days after getting it, I had to hand wash the plate and cup 2+ times a day so she could use them at every meal.  Nothing else would do.  She scoots her food over so the Giraffe and Monkey’s eyes aren’t covered.  She said, “they have to be able to see me while I eat Mommy”.  Silly me.

My favorite Zoocchini product is the Octopus hooded towel.  If I could, I would totally use this towel myself.  Measuring 20×50 inches, Zoocchini’s oversized hooded towels are made of 100% 5 ply cotton exclusive of embroidery and are softer than our best bath towel.  It might be time for new bath towels.  Madelyn’s Octopus towel goes with us to swim class and when I dry her off in the bathroom after class, the kids gravitate toward the towel like little magnets.   It’s a little freaky actually, but cute.  The bright colors and whimsical characteristics make Ollie a truly special towel.

Kids with varying interests will find a Zoocchini collection they love. 
All of the products are available in a Safari, Ocean, and Barnyard collection.

Check out Zoocchini’s full line here at Zoocchini.com.

We have a Zoocchini Ocean Collection Rug to give to a lucky reader!  To enter to win, just visit Zoocchini.com, then come back here and tell me in the comments below what your favorite Zoocchini collection and product is.  For example, the Barnyard dinnerware set.  Entries accepted until November 5th.