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Book & CD review: A Duck in New York City

DuckinnewyorkcityThis is one book that I have to read to Madelyn every night lately.   We even b
ring it on trips because it's such a part of her bedtime routine
A Duck in New York City is about a little prairie duck who follows his dream to dance on Broadway.  His prairie duck friends think he's being unrealistic but he takes off for New York anyway.  He flies and flies all the while saying "Yes, you can" to motivate himself to get to N.Y.C. 
Luckily, a truck-driver
named Big Betty comes along, offers him a ride , and gives him that
extra little boost he needs to fulfill his dream!  The little prairie
duck takes advantage of his time at rest stops to practice and show off
his dancing skills which pays off in the end.  You'll have to read the
book to learn what happens!

"Yes, you can" is repeated throughout the book and is a catchy line making it easy for preschoolers to remember and recite with you while reading the book.  Madelyn has become very good at saying this line right when we get to it every time.

A Duck in New York City comes with a CD and the second part of the book includes the lyrics for the songs on the CD.  Songs include Slug Opera, Alligator Waltz, and Seed in the Ground.  My kids love listening to this CD in the car.  There is also a PDF file on the CD with the lyrics in French and English.

Learn more and buy A Duck in New York City here.