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UB Funkeys


U.B. Funkeys are colorful, unique collectible figures that I predict are going to be around and growing in numbers for a long time.  Funkeys provide access to Terrapinia – a virtual world and home to the Funkeys via USB connected to your PC.  Each
Funkey has its own characteristics and can access different features on
the website.  There are 14 species of Funkeys and 42 Funkeys available as of this review.

My 9 year old son likes Funkeys' games and the interactivity of the website.  As a mother though, I appreciate the fact that he is challenged by some of the games and that he is motivated to get more coins.

5 steps to getting started with U.B. Funkeys:

  1. Purchase a Funkeys starter kit
  2. Install the included software
  3. Plug the base into your computer via the USB
  4. Register on the U.B. Funkeys website
  5. Enjoy exploring the virtual world of Funkeys

Go to the U.B. Funkeys How it Works page to learn more.  I recommend checking Funkey prices in Amazon.com's U.B. Funkeys section before running out to your local toy store. 

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