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“I Can Do It” reward chart

Sebastian is a great kid.. but what 6 year old wants to take time out of his busy day to brush his teeth, clean his room, help with the dishes etc.?  Not mine! 

That is why I use the I Can Do It! Reward Chart.

I put this great chart on the refrigerator at his eye level, chose 5 task’s to put on the chart and explained the system to him. He has been doing great! He loves that he gets to put a star (attach to chart with Velcro) on a box each time he completes a task.

You can choose 5 tasks out of 20 to feature on your chart at a time. Each week you can enter a number in the "goals" area so your child will know how many stars he/she has to get in order to get his/her reward. You write the reward in a special reward area at the bottom of the chart so it doesn’t escape your child’s mind!

The stars are made out of heavy duty plastic so they won’t break. The chart is laminated so it won’t tear and has strong magnetic strips on the back.

Some of the chores and behaviors included are:

  • Get dressed
  • Go potty
  • Brush your teeth
  • No whining
  • Get along with others
  • Good manners at the table
  • Make bed
  • No harming others
  • Feed pets
  • Share your toys
  • Water the plants
  • Set the table
  • Help with dishes
  • Go to bed and stay in bed
  • Clean your mess

Where to buy: Kenson Parenting