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5 Products To Organize Your Child’s Closet

I am having surgery next week and I swear I am going through a ‘nesting phase’ just like I did when I was pregnant with both of my kids.  I am cleaning and organizing like no one’s business.   If you don’t already know what the pregnancy nesting phase is, you can learn more about the nesting phase of pregnancyhere.  I’m scrubbing baseboards, cleaning the grout in the bathrooms, painting scuff marks on the walls, and more!

I am trying to get the kids closets organized before my surgery because besides my husband being in charge of getting the kids dressed for school in the morning, my mother and sister will be here to help with the kids in which case they will most likely be exposed to the chaos that is my kid’s closet’s and I’d prefer to know that their closets are clean and organized.
When not cleaning today, I have been looking at closet organizational products at The Organized Parent and below are a few that I love!

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Closet Dividers Set by O.R.E. Originals

Closet Dividers Set by O.R.E. Originals

Cost: $5.99 – $11.99 for a pack of 5

What is if for?Seperateing clothes by size or by season, or you can even use them to seperate clothes to giveaway from clothes to keep.
A fun, award-winning way to keep your child’s closet organized by age range, clothing type, or day of the week. Set of 5.

Joey & Jane Days of the Week Organizer by Kangaroom

Joey & Jane Days of the Week Organizer by Kangaroom

Cost: $20.95

What is if for?

Help your kids get ready faster in the morning. These unique hanging shelves hang from any size closet rod and have five separate compartments for outfits for every day of the school week, after school activities and sports uniforms. They also have elastic side pockets for shoes, socks, underwear and accessories. Pre-printed days of the week labels, activity labels, and blank activity labels are included so each unit can be customized to fit your needs.

John Classic Filebox 6 Hanging Files by Bigso Box of Sweden

closet box for organizing children's art work

Cost: $25.95

What is if for?

You know, all the art and class work your child brings home for the first few years of her schooling career?  You keep it all!  I interviewed Lisa Loeb and asked her how she chooses which of her daughter’s art pieces to keep and she said that she keeps the pieces that are most original.  So, sort through your child’s school and art work after school every day and keep those that you feel your child will enjoy seeing the most when she’s older, slide them into this box and get them out years later.  You and your child will share smiles and laughs when you look back at her Kindergarten art work.


10-Shelf Hanging Bamboo Organizer by Honey Can Do

10-Shelf Hanging Bamboo Organizer by Honey Can Do

Cost: $27.95

What is if for?

Organize your child’s shoes!

This organizer has 10 reinforced shelves for great capacity and hangs easily from your child’s closet rod using two steel hooks.

This hanging organizer can also be used for small bags and accessories.

Large Laundry Bag by Buckhead Betties

Large Laundry Bag by Buckhead Betties

Cost: $12.59 – sale!

What is it for?

Children’s clothes are shorter than average.  So why do we use a traditional laundry basket that takes up so much floor space on the floor of our kids closets?  I’d rather have room for my daughter’s toy organizer, stuffed animals, etc than just one laundry basket.  Even large loads of laundry can fit in this bag. This durable cotton canvas tote protects your delicates from the elements with a coated interior.



This is not a sponsored post.  I just love The Organized Parent and want to share some of their great closet organizing products with you!


Fill in the Blankie – a completely customizable baby blanket

FillintheblankieTaking customization one step further, Fill in the Blankie is the 'pimp my blankie' version of the hit MTV show Pimp my Ride.  You will never buy another 'baby store' blanket again after having a Fill in the Blankie blanket.  

company president, Todd Lilly, offers customers the most personalization you can
find on a blanket. He's not kidding around when he says personalized baby blanket. 

Customers can choose:

  • The font style and thread color
  • Up to 200 characters to be embroidered around the edges of the blanket
  • 3 blanket sizes
  • Select from many fabric and satin trim color combination's.
  • There are what seems like an endless amount of customization choices.

A Fill in the Blankie blanket will make a great new baby or holiday gift!

Available at: Fill in the Blankie