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Castaluna Plus Size Fashion.. Brand New Moms Can Dress Fashionably!


Castaluna is an online store based in the UK that offers plus size women trendy reasonably priced clothes and accessories in plus sizes.
Consider this though, even if you do not live in the UK and you live in the United States or another country you can still use Castaluna for fashion inspiration and ideas.
Castaluna offers clothes that help make women feel and look more confident and accessories to complete the outfit.   Many new moms, as I’ve talked about before on The Mommy Insider, feel that they can no longer dress fashionably because they can’t put together an outfit made up of sizes that they might not have worn pre-kids.

Here’s a tip..

Castaluna Plus Size online shopping

Castaluna offers a large variety of items and brands.  Their online selection include shoes, lingerie, dresses and bags, belts, shirts, and pants.  Brands they offer include Hilfiger Denim, Diesel, and Cleo as well as dozens of others.

Castaluna specializes in clothes for plus size women. The sizes run from 14-36. Many of the women who shop online at Castaluna are plus size women looking for comfortable yet trendy clothes, women who are pregnant, and women who have just had a baby.  In many stores there is just a small section for plus size clothes yet Castaluna is dedicated completely to plus sizes.

Becoming a new mom is hard enough finding clothes should be fun and easy and with Castaluna there are so many plus size options to choose from.

One of the best things about Castaluna is the variety they offer. One of my favorite sections on the site is the ‘vintage inspired’ section. The selection of vintage inspired pieces are items inspired by clothes that were worn in the 1950’s.  The fashion in the 1950’s was classy yet fun. The vintage category includes lots of red and blue hues as well as fun patterns such as polka dots. The vintage inspired category offers cute bras, trendy bathing suits, plus size dresses, stylish purses and comfortable cute shoes.

The Green tonic category which is also found under the trends section at the top of the site is a great category if you are looking for clothes that are a little more fun and playful. The green tonic section offers beautiful green hues, long flirty skirts, gorgeous heels, comfortable shirts and much more. Not only is there a variety of styles in the green tonic section but there is also a lot of styles and colors to choose from. The green tonic section and the vintage inspired section are certainly two of the best categories for trendy, stylish clothes and accessories.

Even with so many great vintage, plus size, and trendy items there are a few items that just really stick out to me because they are just so beautiful. One of those items is a pair of Daxon Flower Earrings.  For a day out on the beach pairing the turquoise earrings with the beautiful black body shaping swimsuit by TAILLISSIME is a great idea. The TAILLISSIME bathing suit is a great option because it uses materials that help suck in the skin and give the most beautiful curvy body.

Another great item that is perfect if you are a new mom or if you are about to have a baby is the cotton maternity and nursing pajamas by Cocoon. The pajama set includes a v neck long-sleeved shirt and a pair of high waisted pajama pants so they can be worn above or below the belly. The Cocoon pajama set comes in a few different colors as well as a few different sizes. It is so comfortable and light weight that it is a great item for new moms who need a simple comfortable pajama or women who are about to have a baby and need something stretchy and comfy.

Shopping for clothes after becoming a new mom, or while expecting a child can feel a little overwhelming sometimes but Castaluna takes away those troubles but offering a variety of plus sizes. Whether it is vintage, classic, modern or even funky many great clothing and accessories are available at Castaluna. Women and even men who are plus size do not have to settle for bland outfits when they an whose stylish, trendy outfits that flatter their figure.

Do you have a few favorite plus size items that you lived in after having your baby?  Tell us about them in the comments!