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Tiny “bling bling” on Old Navy jeans left me empty handed

Old Navy $15 Adult Jean Sale

I left Old Navy a little bummed and empty handed today.

Last week I bought a pair of The Flirt Skinny Cropped Jeans (photo below) at Old Navy and when I got home and tried them on again I felt that they were a size too big – yay!   I went back to Old Navy in hopes of exchanging them and they were out of the size that I needed.  An employee called a nearby store and had a pair set aside for me to pick up.  Very nice.

So, I went to Old Navy this morning to get the jeans.  I tried the jeans on, liked the way they fit, and after picking up a couple of things for my 10 year old so I could get my total up to $50 and use my $15 off $50 coupon, I went to check out.

Here’s where the drama began:

I assumed that because Old Navy is running a $15 jeans promotion that these jeans were marked down from $29 to $15. But, I was wrong.

Old Navy Flirt jeans with "bling bling"

The jeans I picked out (The Flirt Skinny Cropped Jeans) weren’t $15, they were $29.

You know why?

Because they have what the employee called ‘bling bling’ on the back pockets.

I said “huh? bling bling?”.

She (Old Navy employee) said “yeah.. right there.. you see, on the pocket there”.

I said “Ohhh.. OK!  I see the 3 tiny dots (AKA bling bling).. silly me“.

So because the jeans have “bling bling” they weren’t on sale, and because they weren’t on sale and my total was $52.75 (with Sebastian’s two items), I decided I would use my $15 off $50 coupon and that would make up for the lack of discount on the jeans.

There I go being silly again.
The total was $52.75 AFTER TAX.  The employee told me I needed to add another item in order to get the total to $50 BEFORE TAX and be able to use the coupon.  So I picked up a little boo boo frog thingy and then my Old Navy temporary card number decided not to work.  Ugh!! After that I just opted out of the purchase entirely.  I asked for the $15 off $50 coupon back so I could use it another day but the employee had already locked the coupon in the safe.  Manager to checkout 1 please! The manager took my coupon out of the safe and I left empty-handed except for my coupon.

I know.. $29 isn’t bad for a pair of jeans but since I had just bought the kids a million and a half dollars worth of school clothes…(mostly from Old Navy), I didn’t want to spend $29 on a pair of jeans for myself.

Just so you know.. I really liked Old Navy’s Flirt Skinny Cropped Jeans because they are mid-rise which is a great fit/rise for most moms and the cropped length looked OK on me because I am short.. I don’t typically wear cropped pants as I don’t think they look great on ‘height challenged’ people like myself.  The cropped length makes the jeans look like an almost normal length, on me.