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3 Ant & Roach Prevention Tips + Combat Roach & Ant Killing Bait Strips Review

Let me preface this post by saying that I don’t condone the harm of any insect when they are not inside my home.  I don’t allow my kids to step on ants or hurt insects unless they post a threat.. like mosquitos, wasps and bees.  One insects such as ants and roaches cross the border into my home, that’s a different story.   Take action!

I grew up in Florida and am very familiar with the Combat brand.  I was the ‘roach detector’ in our house in Florida.  Mind you, I was a young child.. how my parents and sister let me have that job, is beyond me.  Because I grew up using Combat, it is the brand I go to whenever there is the first sign of an ant or roach in our house.   I was recently asked by Combat to try out their bait strips and let you know if I like them and that is what I am sharing with you today.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the ant mounds creeping up in your yard over the last month or so.  It’s that dreaded time of year again, and I don’t mean summer, I mean bug season!  You know what that means, if bugs are outside your home, then they are sure to find their way inside. Using an insecticide safely inside your home can control pesky ants and roaches.

Does this look familiar?

ants in kitchen on juice

Every year around early summer ants start marching in through the windowsill in our kitchen and invade any fruit or food that is on our counter.  It’s awful.  It’s like it happens overnight but every year, I resolve the problem quickly.  🙂   To keep bugs from making me uncomfortable in my home, I am using Combat’s new Killing Bait Strips.  With the same killing power found in Combat Gels, the thin bait strips help get rid of roaches and ants so I can enjoy my summer, pest free!  Thank goodness!

At the fist sign of an ant or roach head to your local store and pick up a box of Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips, or the  Roach Killing Bait Strips, or both if needed.
Combat Ant Killing Bait Strip

How to use a Combat Ant or Roach Killing Bait Strip

Combat is very efficient when it comes to killing ants and roaches and the bait strips are very easy to apply.  First, you take one of the strips out of the packaging. You will notice that the bait strip has a small removable strip on it that when removed, reveals sticky adhesive.  Peel the strip off and just mount the bait strip where ants and/or roaches are attracted such as, dark places, under cabinets, and near garbage areas just to name a few. Once you have applied the bait strip to the area you will pull the main bait strip cover off and that’s where the bait is located.

Please note to make sure that the strips are kept out of the reach of children and pets.

The strip has bait in it that attracts ants or roaches to it.  When an ant finds the strip, it will eat some of the bait then carry some bait back to their colony.  Other ants in the colony are exposed to the insecticide and the entire colony is destroyed.  Score!  Sorry ants.

When you have used all the strips out of the box that you need make sure you store the leftover ones in a cool, dark place away from food and children.

What if your kids touch a bait strip?

The insecticide in Combat’s bait strips was formulated to specifically affect insects and is virtually non-toxic to humans. However, it is recommended that anyone who handles the bait strips, washes their hands after contact for their own protection.

3 Tips to prevent ants and roaches from taking up residence in your home

1. Don’t feed the ants and roaches!
Don’t leave food and drinks out in any room of the house.  Eat at the kitchen or dining room table and clean up after your meals, immediately.  Don’t allow children to snack or drink juice in other rooms of the house.

2. Seal windows
Most insects enter a home through window or door cracks.  Seal these entry spots with caulk.

3. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor often
Ants and roaches will often go unnoticed because they spend a majority of the time on the floor, under the cabinets, kitchen sink, or stove.   To prevent ants and roaches from hanging out in these areas, keep them clean by sweeping and mopping often.

Thank you Combat for introducing me to another Combat product that helps keep my home free of bugs!

Do you have clever ways of keeping insects out of your home?  Tell us in the comments below.