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Tame that bottle!

My son, Sebastian, recently told me that I am a "germaphone"… AKA germaphobe.  It mortifies me when Madelyn’s pacifier, bottle, or toys touch the floor, counter top or other surface that might have a germ or two million on it. Thank goodness there is someone else like me out there that was smart enough to invent a product that will keep these things from falling to the floor especially while out and about.

The Lil BahBee™ Bottle Tamer® is an adjustable baby bottle strap that conveniently secures your child’s bottle, sippy cup, or favorite toy to a number of locations.

You simply attach the toy, bottle, or sippy cup to one end of the Bottle Tamer then attach the other end to an exercauser, stroller, highchair, car seat handle, or shopping cart and WHALLA, you have an item that may not get 5 million germs on it due to falling on the ground!  YEAH Lil BahBee.

This is one of the greatest products I have seen yet and priced at only $8.50, you can buy several..one to keep in the car, at Grandma’s house, and of course in your house.

My only wish is that the Bottle Tamer come in other colors such as pink for girls and blue for boys.

Where to buy: Lil BahBee

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