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Bosch Tassimo Home Brewing System – Make a Cup of Coffee Just How You Like it!

Bosch Tassimo Home Brewing System

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker.  I was too intimidated by the choices; Java, Mocha, Grande, Tall, cappuccino, Espresso… what does that all even mean?  It’s like alien speak to me.  If I dared ask any of the “aliens” that spoke the language (ahem…can you say “Boutique Coffee Shoppes”), they looked at me like I was a “human” and smirked their way through the answer.

Happily, I don’t care what that stuff means because I can now have a good cup of coffee… at my own home.  No drive through, no intimating ordering process, and I can add whatever I want to my cup of coffee after it’s brewed just by using a beautiful device from Bosch called the Tassimo.

Recently I stopped drinking my Diet Coke w/ Lime every day around 2:00 when the “sluggies” hit me.  I felt tired and it gave me a lift.  I like that! I noticed a pattern… my friends kept telling me that a cup of coffee might be just what I need.  I’m not sure why that’s better than Diet Coke but I wanted to give it a try.

Bosch’s beautiful Tassimo re-introduced me to the world of coffee.  Before I had a chance to randomly rush  the isles of Publix looking for coffee pods for the Tassimo, my father, who is an accomplished coffee drinker, and, visiting for my daughter’s birthday kindly went to Publix and came home with a package of Maxwell House Tassimo pods.

TassimoTa Da! Now we had everything we needed to try out the Tassimo!  Excitement was brewing (pun intended).  Typically, we did not follow the directions explicitly because we were anxious to enjoy the coffee.  The water reservoir is quite large and includes a charcoal filter so you don’t really need to use bottled water, (like my dad).  A very clever design feature is the bar code reader that scans the bar code on a “pod” and sends that information to the “coffee computer” telling it which style or type of drink you are preparing to brew.  Fabulous!

Once the “pod” is in place, and it will really only go in one way, just turn on the power and after a very short cycle the coffee will begin to fill your cup!  Quick.  Really quick!  The cup stand is adjustable so you can use cups larger than those tiny espresso cups.  Which is nice if you or the kids want a big hot chocolate, which, by the way, is a drink option for the Tassimo!  The “brew” time can be manipulated by a front mounted button if you prefer a different “intensity”.

Several brands make drink “pods” for the Tassimo so if you are interested in good coffee, quickly, in an attractive package, and as a really attractive price you should take a good look at the Bosch Tassimo.  My dad has his eye on mine but I am protecting it!  I like it!

Bosch Tassimo Details:

  • Makes coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, espresso and hot cocoa
  • Makes drinks in about 1 minute
  • Includes an exclusive flow–through water heater for faster, quieter brewing
  • Space saving design ideal for apartments, dorm rooms and countertops
  • Smart bar code technology allows the brewer to adjust each beverage with the proper temperature pressure and amount of water
  • $129.99

Bosch offers four Color Accessory Kits for the TASSIMO T20 Home Brewing System, strawberry red, mint blue, lime green, hazelnut, featured in the photograph collage above.

A Bosch Tassimo would make a wonderful gift for Mom, Dad, or a graduate.  Click this link to learn more about Bosch Tassimo on Amazon.com or you can visit the Bosch Tassimo website here.

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Disclosure:  I received a Bosch Tassimo and promotional products as a thank you for my participation.   My review is an honest opinion based on my experience with the product and was not influenced by Bosch.

Alicia Hagan, Editor