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Personal: The Kids Are Back In School.. What That Means For Work From Home Moms

Hallalujah, the kids are back in school!   Don’t tell me that you’re not thinking the same thing.

Luckily, my kids were just as excited about going back to school as I was that they were going back.  Why such the excitement?  I can finally work 5-6 hours straight again!

I am a work from home mom.  I started my business, Atlanta Moms®, 12 years ago and have worked from home since.  Some people think that because I work from home, I live a relaxing, carefree life.

work from home mom

Working from home = a relaxing, carefree life, right?

  • You can work when you want
  • You can play with the kids when you want
  • You can hang out at the local coffee shop for hours if you want
  • You can get a massage while the kids are in school
  • You can get comfy on the couch and read a good book before answering emails

Those are some things that people have suggested that I must do since I work from home.

Like, duh, I just sit around all day wondering what to do with the time.

On that note, here is what working from home (with kids) means to me.. especially during the summer school break months:

  • Working from home = rarely getting to complete a work related task from start to finish at one sitting
  • Working from home = risking having a child telling you about the hawk eating the squirrel in the backyard while you’re on a conference call
  • Working from home = not having normal work hours
  • Working from home = people expecting you to be able to leave the house to have lunch whenever you want
  • Working from home = typing up a rush proposal while teaching your 7-year-old multiplication
  • Working from home = often reading and responding to emails while parked at your child’s evening activity
  • Working from home = technically getting to make your own hours and do what you want when you want while being responsible and holding yourself accountable and most importantly
  • Working from home = working extra hard to keep your promises to your kids, employees, and clients

Now that the kids are back in school, today is day #2, I have 5-6 solid hours a day when I can work in peace and quiet again!

I am unbelievably grateful that I am able to work from home.
I never imagined that my business would allow me to make a full-time income while being able to take care of my kids and home, travel across the country, work with local and national businesses every day, work with companies like Six Flags, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola, but it has and I am so appreciative.
I learned early on in my work from home days that when someone says that they work from home, we should say “wow, you are brave, generous, and must have your sh*t together enough to maintain an income while raising happy, healthy, smart children”.  Enough said.

What does working from home mean to you, whether you work from home or not?

Why Was Kate Gosselin Fired From Her Job as CouponCabin Blogger? Do You Even Care?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up with Kase Gosselin since her first show on TLC and I don’t even remember what it was called.

All I remember the name of the post-divorce show, Kate Plus 8.

I used to enjoy the show, the first show, when she and Jon were married, whether they looked happy or not.  It seemed real.  It was like watching my life on TV, even though I only have two kids.  Then they divorced, their kids grew up, but it seemed that Kate didn’t.  I don’t know though. I’m not a psychologist, I’m just speaking from what I feel based on what I see.  Makes sense doesn’t it?  It just seems to make sense to me that if she really valued herself and her kids, she would have looked for a job that was not in the spotlight.  No dancing on TV, no news correspondent spots, none of that.  Just an office job.  When CouponCabin announced that Kate Gosselin would be their new blogger, I though that might not be a bad job for her.  Now, please keep in mind that these thoughts lasted all of 10 seconds because I’m really not invested in Kate’s doings.

Kate Gosselin fired from couponcabin
Kate Gosselin Fired from CouponCabin

Now, she’s out of this job.  What will she do?  I’m sure she can make money doing celebrity appearances, she can dance on TV, but really what’s best for her kids.  Her kids need to see that Mom is self-sufficient.  Why is Kate Gosselin being in front of the camera so different from any other celebrity mom though?  I can’t answer that.  Maybe it’s because she didn’t go into TLC having already been a celebrity mom.  Maybe it just seems fake and unwarranted for her to be considered a ‘celebrity’?  What’s your take on that?

I guess her stint as a CouponCabin blogger lasted a while but apparently ended because as CEO Scott Kluth said

“Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin,”.

Scott went on to say

“Gosselin’s “contributions garnered both positive attention and criticism” during her 11 months working for the site. “We wish Kate, her family and her support staff all the best.”

So, was she ‘fired’ because CouponCabin didn’t like the negative attention, which I totally understand, or was she fired because she wasn’t doing her job?  I’d love to know. OR, did she quit?  Who knows?

Photo source

Here is a “Looking for Kate” letter written by Scott Knuth, CEO of CouponCabin.com.

What’s your take?

Are you glad to see Kate be leave CouponCabin or did you enjoy seeing her blog posts on CouponCabin or are you indifferent, like me?

Where To Go After Picnik Shuts Down

It is always surprising when a product or service that has a huge following decides to pack it in and call it quits. Recently, Picnik joined this exclusive and, thankfully, small group. This online photo editor was the product of choice for bloggers all over the world.

Bloggers not only used Picnik for perfecting the images they included with their posts, it was ideal for creating the perfect blog header.

With Picnik exiting the market space, there are a ton of online services that want to absorb their users. Bloggers in particular have unique needs that most will not be able to meet. Still, there are a couple online image editing software products worth considering.

Read the full article on GadgetGoddess.com here

I’m Looking Forward to the 2012 Kenmore Blogger Summit in Chicago, IL!

I love appliances.  I use them every day.  Don’t you?  Well, join me as I embark on a journey during which we go to Chicago where we will experience Kenmore products first hand and learn about Kenmore’s 2012 initiatives.

2012 Kenmore Blogger Summit

The Kenmore Blogger Summit will be held at the Kenmore Live Studios  in Chicago, IL January 20th and 21st and I’ll be one happy girl the entire time.

I’m going to pack comfortable shoes, good listening ears, a camera (I really should buy one first), and probably some clothes.  Then I’m off to Chicago to enjoy the weekend with about 40 other parenting bloggers and Kenmore products.  Makes me giddy just thinking about it.

I’m planning on idyllic weather, thank you very much.  I would appreciate it if Mother Nature would go along with my plan.  Remember.. it’s the 20-21st.. but I’m coming home on the 22nd so if you could extend the idyllic weather one day, that would be fabulous!

I hope to meet some bloggers who I haven’t already met and look forward seeing some bloggers who I have met before.

There looks to be a great line-up of exciting activities, acclaimed presenters from Google+ and Wired, and scrumptious treats.  What better way to spend a weekend?

Of course I’ll be sharing all of the great things I learn with my readers right here on TheMommyInsider.com and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on my Kenmore Blogger Summit experience.

Moms in Business Unite Conference Notes – Just Enough “Geek” To Get You Going with Christie Crowder

Part 2 – Moms in Business Unite Conference Session 2: Just Enough Geek To Get You Going
Part 1 – Using Technology to Market Your Business


Speaker: Christie Crowder
Twitter: @chatterboxgc
Website: ChristieCrowder.com

Christie is speaking about tips on how business owners (or aspiring business owners) can choose technology wisely to that it’s used to keep your venture running smooth on the inside and shining like a star on the outside.

It All Starts With You

– Start with technology on your own level
– Keep your internal technology as current as your external technology
– What’s popular might not always be what works – great point!
– Start Simple – stick with gadgets and apps that challenge you but are user-friendly. You can always upgrade.
– Keep it simple. Don’t sign up for every social media network or buy every productivity app.

Be Proactive and Productive with Apps

– Less Errors with Trials. Look for free versions of apps.
– Maximize Multi-Tasking.
– Choose apps that handle more than one task or function simultaneously.
– Look for web and mobile capabilities
– Get a “Wingman” (or woman)
– Have someone you can call on for technical assistance and advice

Don’ts and Do’s

– Ignorance is not bliss
– Do not leave all of your technology operations to one person.
– Don’t go changing trying to please me
– Don’t make unnecessary changes just to keep up with the Jones’
– Don’t be afraid to change
– Don’t panic, it’s supposed to be fun!

My (Christie’s) “Coolest Things” For You and Your Business

– Smartphone
– Tablet
Square credit card reader for iPhone (free)

Notes and Brainstorming Tools and Apps

– Evernote (web, mobile, and desktop applications). All sync together.
– MindNode (Mac app). There are other “mind mapping” apps available.

Operations & Collaboration Tools and Apps

– Google Docs
– Nozbe
– Producteev
– Skype
– Dropbox (online file storage)
– Wiggio.com (makes it easy for you to work in groups)

Client Management and Accounting Tools and Apps

– Gist
– Tungle.me
– Simplifythis
– Wave accounting (free accounting system)
– Outright

Communications and Public Relations Tools and Apps

– MailChimp
– Mad Mimi
– Shout’em
– Wufoo (Christie’s favorite form maker). Can create surveys and forms.
– Pitch Engine. Social media press release.
– QR code maker and reader (free apps available including JumpScan)

Marketing and Social Media Tools and Apps

– Hootsuite
– Facebook
– Trackur
– What the hashtag?
– Seesmic
– Tweetdeck

I hope you enjoy these tips from Christie as much as I have. I will link up to the Tools and Apps mentioned here later, after the conference.