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Review of Bersica Futurewear: high-tech and innovative clothing line for children, a giveaway + 30% off coupon code

Bersica Futurewear uses a new finishing technology called NanoSphere┬« on their fabrics which provides a natural self-cleaning effect and an extremely high level of liquid and dirt repellence, something that I as a mom appreciate.  Who knew I would have cared how dirt repellent clothes were 10 years ago before I had kids?

Madelyn loves her Bersica Futurewear clothes (photo right) and even said "I love these Mommy, thank you!" when I put the pieces on her for the first time. She got right up on her step stool in the kitchen and starting posing for pictures right away.. too cute. I don’t know how I feel about the tongue sticking out though.

Bersica Futurewear Benefits:

  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Remains at its highest performance even after extreme spills and washings
  • These clothes make a tremendous amount of sense to wear while kids are active such as when riding a bike or at the playground.
  • Even when your child is sweating the lining of the pants or shorts will not stick to your child’s skin
  • The inside texture of the pants and shorts is very soft
  • The stitching is great.
  • Can be machine washed – for other washing and care instructions visit the website.

Bersica Futurewear fabric benefits

  • Extremely water and liquid repellent
  • Extremely oil and dirt repellent.
  • Breathable
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Requires less washing saving you money

Bersica Futurewear is available for toddlers and kids from 12 months all the way to 12 years old and in a few colors and most pieces are in the $30 range. The benefits of Bersica Futurewear are great and the concept is amazing and much needed in the world of parenthood.

Watch a video on how truly repellent Bersica Futurewear children’s clothing is. It’s a pretty amazing video!


Use coupon code MOMMYINSIDER to get 30% off your purchase through 1/03/10


Bersica Futurewear is offering two lucky readers a $50 gift certificate!
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