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NEW Caillou Doll and Caillou Bath Time Vehicle

Caillou has been a permanent fixture in our home for as long as I can remember.. well since having kids at least. First, my son who is now 11 years old, loved Caillou.  We read Caillou books and watched Caillou on PBS, almost daily.  Now, my 4 year old daughter is following in his footsteps with her very own collection of Caillou items which I must admit, trump my son’s collection from years ago.

Calliou Doll
My sleepy 4 year old snuggling her Caillou Doll

My daughter’s Caillou collection includes books, videos, and now a new Caillou Doll and Caillou Bath Time Vehicle.  She’s a huge fan of bath time (aka ‘play in the water time’) and has way too many bath toys.  But she picks favorites.. and right now the Caillou Bath Time Vehicle is her fave.

Madelyn’s Caillou Doll is my daughter’s new partner in crime.  He plays ‘spy’ with her and her brother, empties the cookie bin, and eats dinner with her most nights.  Of course Caillou is the one that makes the messes at the dinner table, not my 4 year old. 😉  The Caillou Doll retails for a steep $29.99 but believe me.. Caillou’s not going anywhere and you’re child will love snuggling with and playing with his/her Caillou Doll for years.

Caillou Bath Time Vehicle
Caillou Bath Time Vehicle

My daughter loves her new Caillou Bath Time Vehicle although she’s on the older end of the recommended age.  The wind-up boat has an underwater motor that really works and makes the boat move across the bath tub and comes with 2 figures: Caillou and Gilbert or Caillou and Rexy.  The Caillou Bath Time Vehicle retails for $16.99 at Toys R Us.

The Caillou television show airs on PBS Kids and Sprout and is brought to you by Cookie Jar Entertainment.

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Alicia Hagan, Mom Blog editor