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TummyTub – stress free bath time for newborns and premature babies

Infant in TummyTub

If new parents could, they would wear earphones while bathing their newborn or just not bathe their newborn at all.  Why?  The screaming and the apparent discomfort the baby is experiencing, of course.

TummyTub is a safe solution to stressful newborn bath time allowing your baby to be in the familiar fetal position making the bathing experience more relaxing for you and baby all the while giving parents easy access to baby in order to thoroughly wash her.

Because the TummyTub only needs a small amount of water in it, it is quicker to fill than the bath tub and the water temperature stays regulated for longer as there is minimal surface area, so baby doesn’t get cold as quickly as she might in the bath tub or sink.  Emersion to shoulder level means relaxing warmth for the whole body.

If you are expecting a baby or have an infant I highly recommend visiting the TummyTub website and watching the videos and viewing the photo gallery of babies using TummyTub.

TummyTub is:

  • Useful from birth up until the age of 12 months. Some children even bath in it until they are 3 years old.
  • Especially recommended for premature babies. The shaped form conveys a feeling of reassurance and security to the baby.
  • Safe.  The TummyTub® has been tested for safety by the STR in the USA and UK.

TummyTub can be purchased at Amazon.com here.