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Little Wonderland – Bamboo Blocks

Little Wonderland is an awesome website where you can shop for toys for your kids! Not only do they carry toys that I haven't seen elsewhere, but they are affordable! Some of my favorite items from Little Wonderland are the Contina blocks which are made from Bamboo and the Sound Cubes which I can't wait to play with with Madelyn. Sebastian and I have had hours of fun playing with the Contina blocks.

The Sound Cubes are a bit more challenging than I thought they would be, but they have been so much fun to have around. The point of the game is to shake 2 cubes and find matching pairs. The catch is tha the sounds are very similiar which makes for a challenging game! This is a GREAT GAME TO GET DAD INVOLVED IN! The Sound Cubes build concentration, matching and focusing skills.

Where to buy: Little Wonderland