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Clean Up Baby’s Messes With Huggies Wipes Featuring New Triple Clean Layers Technology

Huggies Baby Wipes at WalmartBeing a parent means making a lot of changes and searching to find the right products for your baby. Parents often wonder if a diaper from a costlier brand or a less expensive brand is the way to go. The choices are endless, from diapers to bottles to shampoo to wipes. With the expense of an infant, sometimes the immediate cost difference is the deciding factor. The same is true for almost everything a parent needs, don’t you agree?

When you’re standing at Walmart in the baby aisle, the boxes of wipes can all seem the same. When my kids were young, I wondered what is really the difference between the different baby wipes or what was the best choice is for my baby. With the new Triple Clean Layers technology included in every Huggies wipe, the choice on which brand to trust when picking up your weekly supply of wipes is much easier.

The difference from other brands is clear. The thicker, more absorbent wipes with Triple Clean Layers technology means a more comfortable and gentler diaper change for every infant, every time than with any other brand of wipe.

On top of the soft comfort, these new baby wipes are durable, ensuring that even the messiest situation can be cleaned up in no time. Instead of thin baby wipes that rip and fall apart easily in sticky situations, the new technology means one wipe for most messes and a more thorough clean. I still use wipes for cleaning sticky hands in the car while on road trips so even though my kids are 13 and 6, we still use wipes and I appreciate a good wipe when I use one!


That also means lowering the cost spent on wipes each week. Because the new Triple Clean Layers technology wipes are more durable and much thicker than the other brands are, parents can spend less money on the number of wipes that have to be bought each week.

What really matters is how the wipes perform for everyday parents in everyday situations. Walmart and Huggies wanted to find out. To do that, real parents tested out the new product to see how well it performed in their own homes with their own children.

The reviews are in, and real parents agree that this breakthrough in wipes technology is worth every penny and is the best product. To see for yourself, take a look at the reviews from real parents here.

Be your own HUGGIES Tester every day by putting HUGGIES to the ultimate test- real life. Get your pack of HUGGIES wipes with new TRIPLE CLEAN LAYERS at Walmart and see the superior difference for yourself. Once you’ve put TRIPLE CLEAN LAYERS to the test, share your experience as a Official Tester with your friends!

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