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Plush hooded towel from Burps, Bibs and Beyond

They’ve done it again! I love the great finds at Burps, Bibs and Beyond. Recently I got a great hooded
towel in the mail from them and absolutely love it. They don’t sell just your ordinary hooded towels.
The thickness of the towel is amazing (it is made from a regular towel) and the hood actually covers Madelyn’s entire head. OK, so her head is in the 75% percentile… she gets that from her Dad!  Anyway, the hooded towel sold at Burps, Bibs and Beyond is large enough to cover her body and then some which is very nice. Quite often I have used a hooded towel and then wrapped a regular towel around her as well to keep her warm, but I don’t have to do that with this hooded towel.

Where to buy: Burps, Bibs and Beyond