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Bublove – hip tees for bubs of all sizes and attitudes

Madelyn is my ‘sweet bub’ and now everyone know’s it!

Now you can change your baby’s clothes each time her attitude changes.!  🙂

I wish I had the "cranky bub" shirt, but Madelyn is a "sweet bub" most of the time.

Bublove.com has great designs one of which will describe your ‘bub’ perfectly, I’m sure.  Designs include "cranky bub", "sticky bub", "happy bub", "birthday bub", "bub loves mama", "bub loves daddy",  "precious bub", "bumble bub" and "bluebonnet bub". Each tee has a cute little graphic under the saying. The shirts are super soft and have a nice neck for easy changing.. which you will want to do often when you have a few of these!
There are also designs for "big bubs" and "big r bubs" and moms and dads.

Where to buy: Bublove