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Blirt Shirts – Bull in a China Shop

Watch out! Here comes the bull.. I mean Sebastian!
Bull in a China Shop; that about sums up Sebastian. Now he can warn people that he can get a little crazy by simply wearing a very special shirt. A Blirt Shirt.
Blirt Shirts give kids the abililty to relay very important to those around. Messages that should be given, but aren’t usually spoken. (according to Sebastian)

You will love watching family and friends figure out what your child’s Blirt Shirt means. I was surprised that my sister in law figured out Sebastian’s "Bull in a China Shop" shirt right away. My husband on the other hand.. we won’t go there!

Who came up with this idea? The founder of Blirt Shirts is not a native english speaker. She came up with the great idea to design shirts that represent her interpretations of our figures of speech.

Blirt shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, use non-toxic dyes and are water-base silk screened. Blirt Shirts are available in sizes 6 months to 6+ years and in several gender nuetral colors. You can also choose short or long sleeve. Now is the perfect time to get your child a long sleeve Blirt Shirt.

A booklet that accompanies each shirt playfully provides derivations and definitions. The goal of Blirt Shirts is to visually represent figures of speech that embody strong and unique character traits of kids.

Other sayings are: Fish out of Water and No Shrinking Violet.

Where to buy: Blirt Shirts

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