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Brand New Baby Wear

Babies are sweet and adorable and this onesie from Brand New Baby Wear says it all! 

Pure Sugar
100% All Natural
Extra Fine
Net Weight Varries

That’s Madelyn!

Brand New Baby Wear offers the cutest onesies for your little boy or girls. Choose from several cute desgins including  "Pure Sugar", "Hugs and Cuddles", "Love Sucks (with a pacifier)" and more.

In addition to super cute clothing, Brand New Baby Wear has come up with very unique packaging; paint cans.  My son, Sebastian loves playing with ‘his’ paint can!

Madelyn’s "Pure Sugar" onesie is very soft, washable and can be dried.

I recommend all new moms visit Brand New Baby Wear and check out their selection of unique baby onesies!

Where to buy: Brand New Baby Wear