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Baby Planet Solo Deluxe lightweight stroller

Baby Planet has officially introduced us to ‘green’ strolling. Designing great looking and functioning strollers isn’t all Baby Planet does. They will recycle your stroller free when you are finished using it.   I don’t know of any other companies that do that.

Madelyn looks so comfortable in her Solo Deluxe stroller.  Everything from the plush seating arrangements to the easy access snack and cup holders make this stroller a comfy and stylish ride for the little ones.   What’s in it for the parents, you ask?  So many things, I can’t name them all.  Firsts of all, I have to tell that my husband who is over 6 feet tall, loves the adjustable handle bars. His feet usually kick the stroller wheels but because he can pull the handle bars up higher, he can stand further away from the stroller making it so that he doesn’t kick the wheels and have to restrict his stride when pushing.  Enough of the serious stuff though.

What I like most about the Solo Deluxe stroller is the fact that it is so feature rich but is light weight and has an ultra compact fold.  A feature I haven’t experienced before is the ‘super canopy’ as Sebastian calls it.  The canopy will lower all the way down to the nap bar to act as a sunshade. When we are walking in the morning I used to have to take a blanket to put over the canopy on our jogging stroller to keep Madelyn out of the sun, but since I’ve been using the solo deluxe stroller, I just pull the canopy down and she is fully covered. On that note, (walking) I have completely replaced my jogging stroller with the solo deluxe. The ride is smooth and the soft handle bars, cup holder and large storage compartment make it perfect for our walks as well as a trip to the mall.

Baby Planet has several designs to choose from and for all stages of your baby’s first few years.

WEBSITE: Baby Planet