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Munchkin Inflatable Bathtub

Madelyn loves this bathtub almost as much as I do. For the first few months after she was born I used one of those typical blue hard plastic bathtubs. Then Madelyn started to want to sit up all the time and it was getting dangerous in that buthtub, so I went to Target on a search for the perfect bathtub and I found one! It’s the Munchkin Inflatable Bathtub. It takes just a few minutes to inflate and little did I know it quacks!  At first Madelyn was scared of the quacking sound, but once she heard it a few times, she started to laugh at it.
There is a white hot safety disc that reveals the word "hot" when the bath water is too hot and a headrest for easy hair washing.  The no slip surface eases my mind when Madelyn tries to move around a lot or stand up while in the bathtub.

Where to buy: Target