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Super Bowl Sunday Appetizer Idea & Recipe: Pickle Wraps

Come Super Bowl time every year, I look for easy-to-make appetizers that can be prepared ahead of time and can be serves to the masses.   Pickle wraps always make the list!  Pickle wraps have been one of my favorites since I was a child.  They are a staple for any and all of our family functions.

Super Bowl Sunday Appetizer Idea & Recipe: Pickle Wraps


  • 1 jar kosher pickle spears
  • 1/2 pound deli ham – sliced for sandwiches
  • 1 8 oz whipped cream cheese


  • Drain juice from jar of pickles
  • Fold 2 paper towels together and set on the counter
  • Lay pickles out to dry on the paper towels for about 30 minutes
  • Place 1 slice of ham on a cutting board
  • Spread enough cream cheese on the ham to cover the slice
  • Set a pickle on one side of  ham and then wrap the pickle in the ham
  • When you get all the pickles wrapped in the ham slices, place on a plate and put in the fridge for about an house to nice and cold
  • Remove the pickles from the fridge and cut each pickle wrap into about 4 pieces.

Serve and enjoy,