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SwissGear Luggage – awesome carry on luggage

As you know if you've read my last two posts, we are leaving for our Celebrity Solstice preview cruise Friday a.m.  Because I don't want to check baggage for a three day trip I have resided to stuffing a bagillion things in a carry on bag.  Lucky me, I got to try out my new SwissGear bag.  Well, it's not so new I just haven't tried it yet. 

I realized about 10 hours into packing today that "crap, this bag might be too heavy to carry on!"   Carry on bags can only weigh up to 45lbs.
I ran and got a scale and it showed a weight of about 10 pounds with all of my stuff inside the bag!  I knew that couldn't be right so I got the electronic scale and that scale showed 30 lbs.. which is AMAZING considering the size of the SwissGear bag, and the small village I stuffed inside the bag.  I double checked and sure enough, bag and all, the total weight was right at 30lbs.    Back to the first scale for a second.. I will be weighing myself on that scale from now on!

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