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Benefits of submitting a product for review

Submit a product for review

(Updated January 14, 2009)

The Mommy Insider and Moms Tech Guide (coming in early 2009) provide a means to introduce, evaluate and promote new products designed to enhance parents and children’s daily lives. We featured a variety of products ranging from toys, baby gear, children’s books, DVD’s, and Green products, to electronics including GPS, mp3 players, vacuums’, and small and large appliances. Products featured will range in price from $5 to $1000+.

Our mission is to introduce consumers and educate them about innovative, new and notable companies, designers, and products. We provide valuable, positive and relevant information to targeted consumers with the goal of educating parent consumers on how they can access the exciting, new, notable, and quality products featured whether the products are big brand or hand-made items, or anything in between.

The Mommy Insider provides valuable feedback of a product’s:

  • Functionality
  • Practicality
  • Usefulness
  • Value
  • Quality

The Mommy Insider provides companies and small businesses a way to introduce their products to their targeted market; parents.

Coming in mid 2009, we will present awards to companies, designers, and small businesses whose products our testers and editors consider to be exceptional. Our award symbol can be featured on web sites as well as on product packaging and will inform consumers that the product is exceptional in value, functionality, design, and quality.
Award winners may be featured in our marketing actions such as in local and national Press Releases, radio, and television appearances and coverage.

Benefits of submitting a product for review

  • Applies to both Small Business and Corporate Submitter’s
  • The Mommy Insider provides considerable benefits to our small business and corporate submitter’s, such as;
  • Publicity and targeted consumer attention.
  • Access to thousands of demographically targeted consumers
  • Feedback from gender and age appropriate testers with information about what the parent or child ‘testers’ finds appealing about the product(s) love about the product(s) and what, if anything, they would like to see changed.
  • Direct access to consumers via a web site link and contact information through the The Mommy Insider shopping directory

Testing and usage of products submitted for review will be performed by age and gender appropriate testers who provide The Mommy Insider with feedback including personal experience and photographs of the tester with the product, feedback on usability and durability of the product(s) and any suggested improvements (if any). If we find a serious safety flaw, we will not feature the product.

The Mommy Insider testers are not compensated to test and provide feedback for The Mommy Insider.

Submit a product for review

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